Native Advertising

Allocate 1% of your media budget to maximize performance.


  • Already scaled up Social & Search budget to the maximum?
  • Your current Media Buying is too inefficient?
  • Your marketing spend is not delivering the maximum sales and growth potential?


Start maximizing your ROI. Let the numbers do the talking with 100% programmatic, full service native ads.

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No more invasive ads. Start Native Advertising!

Automated digital media buying with our DSP platform.

Brand safe placements on premium publishers.

Pay-Per-Click Model. Only pay for the clicks you get.

Reach your marketing goals with Native Advertising

“saso.dsp is a very high-performing partner, which enabled us to place a new service like Care by Volvo with the relevant target group within a very short time.”

Timo Feldewerth

Senior E-Commerce Specialist

100% independent and automatic Native Advertising

Automate your ad placement!

This is how our DSP network works

The demand-side platform DSP is programmatic publishing software that enables advertisers to purchase advertising space on different publishing networks in several formats. 

Our DSP helps you reach the right audience segments on dedicated platforms, within your defined budget.

What are the benefits of native advertising?


Address the audience during a learning phase in order to increase brand awareness, generate leads and sales.


Opportunity to monetize content in a non-intrusive way.


Add value to the user, stimulate their interest without disturbing their reading experience.

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